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Career Transition Consulting offers innovative solutions to your outplacement, career coaching and job-placement needs


·          No timed programs. We are prepared to go the distance. We work with our clients until employment.

·          We operate within your budget using value-based pricing.

·          CTC combines traditional outplacement strategies with innovative solutions.

·          Our services are provided in an office environment or via phone and email from the convenience of your home.

·          Communication is initiated by the personal coach throughout the job campaign.


We are an independent, full-service consulting firm and provider of quality and consistent outplacement and personal career management services. We are dedicated to treating our clients with integrity and professional respect to enable them to achieve their career goals.


As a team, we continually seek to stay informed about the most effective approach to successfully accomplish our clients’ needs and objectives.


Our commitment is to provide a personal, hands-on approach to determine the needs of each client, to define and implement a tailored vehicle to accomplish these goals, and to monitor the results.


We are licensed and strive to create a personal and caring environment. We understand the difficulty of a career transition, and believe that with focused efforts and a positive mindset we can move quickly toward helping you achieve your goals.


Career Transition Consulting would appreciate the opportunity to provide your career transition and outplacement needs.

As part of our service, we offer our clients a job search how-to manual called The Job Seeker's Guide. You can click here to order your copy today.



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