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The challenge with landing a job

The Washington Post ran an article called "Why You Can't Get A Job (Even When You're Qualified And the Company is Hiring)." Here are a few of the reasons stated in that article.

Applicants lack the abilities using the Internet, where many employers are now posting jobs.

Many employers' websites are programmed so that the resumes submitted by job applicants must match exactly the job description posted. This requires a strong resume and the ability to make changes to your resume based on the opening you are applying for.

Employers receive many applications for fewer job openings.

With so many applicants competing with so few positions, a job seeker must have a resume that stands out from the rest. This is the only way to get your foot in the door for a job interview.

Job applicants aren't willing to accept lower wages.

Employers are cutting costs and looking for "more for less." This means wages for many positions are being cut. And if a job seeker is not willing to do the same work for less pay, the job search can take much longer.

There is often a disconnect between Human Resources and hiring managers.

While many HR departments are working diligently to fill job openings, some managers are slowing the hiring pace to cut costs. Getting in the door at companies like this often requires networking with someone who knows the hiring manager.



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